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Top 5 Leisure Spas in Ireland

If you want pure luxury, relaxation and indulgence, then the following list of Leisure Spas is for you! Here is a collection of some of Ireland’s very best luxury leisure spas.

  1. Hillgrove Hotel and Spa is located in Monaghan and the spa is on the top floor. Here guests can enjoy a wide range of spa treatments and relax in style during their stay. You can choose from individual treatments or go for a package where you can enjoy two or more at your leisure.
  2. Yeats Country Spa and Leisure Club is for people who want to have 5 star luxury during their spa experience. You will be able to enjoy stunning views of the Sligo countryside while you get a pedicure, manicure, facial or work on getting rid of any built up tension with a soothing massage.
  3. Bridge House Hotel, Spa and Leisure Club is the perfect location for a romantic stay where you can enjoy fine dining, some stunning views, hydro spa, sauna and much more. With a choice of restaurants and spa with a range of treatments you will not want to leave once you have checked in.
  4. Top 5 Leisure Spas in Ireland - Anchor ToursAbbey Court Hotel Leisure Centre and Spa is located in a charming purpose built building that has an indoor pool, a spa with a wonderful range of treatments, a club for children, amazing food and it is in the heart of the historical district of Nenagh.
  5. Redcastle Hotel is in stunning settings and offers guests unique treatments in the spa and the chance to enjoy the leisure facilities. With a choice of restaurants in the hotel, a range of bars and plenty to do outside of the building you will want to return here again.

If you would like to bring your group to the one of the luxury spas mentioned above (or any other spa!), simply contact Anchor Tours here, email us at or call us on (042) 937 1405.