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Delve into the heart of the Earth at Aillwee Cave in Co. Clare

Learn more about nature and feel like an explorer at Aillwee Cave in County Clare. This is an absolute must for anyone who is in the local area and who wants to visit one of Ireland’s oldest caves. But there is more than just a cave to see here, so what else can you see here? Firstly Aillwee Cave is a fantastic place for all the family and with your tour guide you will be able to explore the...
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The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most well known and widely recognised landmarks in Ireland and each year thousands of visitors come here to marvel at this wonder of nature. The Giant’s Causeway is a truly remarkable natural rock formation created millions of years ago by the combination of bubbling red-hot lava and the cooling action of the sea. When you arrive at the Causeway you will be...
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Bru na Boinne: Where history comes alive!

Bru na Boinne (known to many as Newgrange) is located in County Meath and it is a firm favourite with school groups, tourists and history buffs. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, Bru na Boinne is older than the Pyramids in Egypt and contains chambers, tombs, henges, standing stones and many more prehistoric areas. The huge site is a popular place for school trips, people who are...
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