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Skibbereen Children’s Festival, July 2013

Children love to have fun and engage in new things, which is why the Skibbereen Children’s Festival is such a well loved event in the calendar. This year the festival will be running from the 22nd to 28th July and it promises to be lots of fun with plenty to do. Children of all ages are welcome at the festival and they can take part in lots of different activities which have been created...
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Delve into the heart of the Earth at Aillwee Cave in Co. Clare

Learn more about nature and feel like an explorer at Aillwee Cave in County Clare. This is an absolute must for anyone who is in the local area and who wants to visit one of Ireland’s oldest caves. But there is more than just a cave to see here, so what else can you see here? Firstly Aillwee Cave is a fantastic place for all the family and with your tour guide you will be able to explore the...
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Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2013, Dublin City

The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon which is held in Dublin City on the 3rd June 2013 is well known in the world of sports for being the biggest of its type in the world. It is a chance for women of all ages and abilities to try out a 10km mini marathon and race for various charities. You can either choose to run or fast walk the race and many will simply do it to prove to themselves that...
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